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Completely FREE Service

Secure Data Storage

View Contacts From Any Phone

FREE emergency access to all your contact info from any other phone!

Contact friends & family from any phone when your own phone is missing or out of power

Phone Numbers - how many do you actually remember?

You're out and about and need to contact someone from your contacts list... but there is a problem.Your phone has no power or it's not with you. What can you do? - Until now there hasn't been much you can do.

Piggy-Back.Me is the solution

Use Piggy-Back.Me to store your phone contacts to the cloud. You can then download the app on any other phone* and log in. Your contacts will display just like on your own phone allowing you to call or text - effectively 'piggy-backing' the phone you are now on!

*Currently only available for iOS devices - Android coming soon

Piggy-Back.Me - a FREE Backup Solution

Safely store contact info in the cloud... you can even delete the app completely from your phone afterwards. Your contacts will always be accessible if ever you need them - all completely free of charge

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Positive Staff Review – appPicker.com

appPicker logo

appPicker logo


A positive Staff review has also been posted at app-Picker.com:


Piggy-Back.Me app review: emergency contact information when needed


When you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need access quickly to your contacts but you don’t have that device with you, what do you do? The Piggy-Back.Me app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a brilliant utility app that makes it possible for users to access all their contacts for free from another phone. There’s no question about it; when you’re faced with a situation where you need to remember a contacts information quickly and on the spot it’s next to impossible, so don’t stress about it because this app is your solution.

A Tool That Proves Useful

It doesn’t even have to be an emergency situation in order to warrant using this app, it can just be any time you need your contact data because you can’t remember by memory. Perhaps you’ve lost your phone, maybe you left it at home, or maybe it’s as simple as the power has run out on your device. The Piggy-Back.Me app makes it possible to swap and store contact information with ease so there is no need for you to try to keep information in your head. We already have to keep track of enough numbers, so why make things more confusing for yourself? The fact that this information is given to you for free makes the app all the more attractive.

Because this is a brand-new release it doesn’t yet have a customer rating, updates, or customer comments. The app requires iOS 6.0 or later to use.


Set up your account

Quick and Easy Access to Contacts

Getting access to your contacts couldn’t be any easier or faster thanks to the Piggy-Back.Me app. The way this app works is that you first download it and then you save your contact information. You will have created log in credentials and these are what you can use from any other device in order to access your data. Use anyone’s phone with your log-in details, tap on View Contacts, and all the information will appear on the screen. You can text your contacts or call them from the device you are then using. If you ever delete the app off your device it won’t make a difference as your information is stored on the cloud.

While you won’t find many features or tools in this app what is does it does very smoothly and without issue. Even if you only end up needing to use this app once or twice it will be worth it just in those couple of uses.


Access your contacts from any device

Pros and Cons


  • The app is very simple to set up
  • Create an account with log-in details, use this information to then log in from any device
  • Access your information from any other device and then text and call from that device you are piggy-backing from


  • The app is very basic without additional tools and features

Final Words

The Piggy-Back.Me app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to always be able to access your contact information in a user-friendly way that can prove to be invaluable.

Positive Reader Review – appPicker.com

appPicker logo

appPicker logo


A positive review has been posted at app-Picker.com:

I am very impressed with this app. The idea is simple – Secure cloud storage of my phone contacts that allows me to access them when needed from any other device.

I was worried at first about storing contact info in the cloud, however I contacted the developer from the contact form in the app (who replied within minutes I might add) who outlined the stored contact information is being stored in one of Australia’s most secure data centres (Servers Australia) on a dedicated server. For the sake of this review I checked them out at https://www.serversaustralia.com.au and confirmed with them this information. They likewise responded very promptly confirming this.

I followed the simple instructions, creating an account using my phone number, and password as requested… After completing this the app opened a page with two simple options… Store my contacts or view my contacts.

Clicking on ‘store my contacts’ it opened up what looks like the standard iOS contacts page where I could choose any or all of my contacts. By hitting the + in a circle to SAVE at the top of the screen I decided to save all my contacts. Easy.

To test the app, I had a friend download it as well where I logged in by entering my phone number again, whereby it asked me for the answer to my secret question I chose when registering. After entering my answer I again was taken to the page showing the store my contacts or view my contacts options. When I clicked on view my contacts, they opened again like the standard Iowa’s contact page with all my contacts listed… Just like I was using my own phone.

This concept is fantastic, as there have been many times I have either been without my phone or where my phone has died and I have needed to contact somebody, whose information is stored solely on my phone. Without this app I would have no way of contacting them. With it, I can, as they say in the app information given by the developer ‘piggyback’ anyone else’s phone to access the contact information I need.

At he moment the app is only available in iOS but the developer states the Android version is in the making.
This is a good app that gets my thumbs up!

AppShopper website has listed the app

Appshopper website has listed the app!



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The App has been reviewed by the Daily App Show website



Piggy-Back.Me has been noticed by The Daily App Show and an article has been posted on it.

Good to see it is being picked up already!! see full article here

Piggy-Back.Me app now available for download!!

Apple has approved the app with flying colours and it appeared in iTunes today. Please download it and offer some feedback. We hope you find it useful!


Piggy-Back.Me app submitted to iTunes for approval


The app was submitted to iTunes for approval and inclusion in the iTunes store… stand by for further news!!